The Heaven Test!
Is being good, good enough to gain entry into Heaven? Take the test and find out...
Please Note: If you take the test, please read the entire conclusion as it is very important.
Q1: Do you ever put other things in your life before God, and fail to love Him with all of your heart, mind and soul?
Q2: Do you ever take the Lord's name in vain? (Use God, Jesus, or Christ, as a swear word?)
Q3: Do you ever dishonor your parents? (This includes disobedience and failure to submit to their authority over your life.)
Q4: Do you ever look and lust after the opposite sex? (Jesus said this was committing adultery in your heart)
Q5: Do you get angry without cause or hate others in your heart? (Jesus likened this to murder and said they will be judged.)
Q6: Do you ever steal things that belong to someone else? And this includes 'borrowing' things when you have no intention of returning them.
Q7: Do you ever lie? (Includes this test as well as when you tell someone you're busy and can't make it... when really you could!
Q8: Do you desire property or possessions that belong to other people?

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