Recommended Website Links
The following is a list of websites which we have found useful (without endorsing everything on them blah blah... You know the drill!)

Christian Life Website

The Berean Call
The ministry of the late Dave Hunt and T.A McMahon. Solid biblical truth and a great free monthly newsletter.

The teaching ministry of the late Jack Kelley. 

The Bible Studies Foundation
Huge resource for Bible studies of various themes. Great illustration section for preaching as well.

The Spurgeon Archive

The place to go for everything Spurgeon!

Ray Comfort - Hells Best Kept Secret
The evangelistic ministry of Ray Comfort. Some of the best tracts and videos for witnessing are available here.

The Sacred Sandwich
I don't really know what section to put this in! But it uses humor to point out a few things within 'Christianity' (in it's broadest sense) and boy does it do a great job. It really is very funny and certainly gets you thinking. The central message is a call back to the truth of the Bible.

Brock's Story
This story is for anyone who has dealt with cancer, suffered loss or who simply needs a spark of hope in their life, which is just about everyone.



Apologetics (defending the faith)

CARM Apologetics
Great site for question and answers concerning the faith and cults. Well worth checking out!

James Patrick Holding - lots of interesting resources plus a great section on 'Bible difficulties'

Reasonable Faith
The ministry and apologetics of Dr William Lane Craig

Always Be Ready
A wealth of information and very well laid out.


Prophecy / End Times / Israel


Ariel Ministries
Many studies and FAQ's written primarily by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum. He is a Christian Jewish scholar. A great site with a unique Jewish perspective.

Messiah Revealed
Explores the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. Over 300 prophecies reveal who the Messiah is!

Lamb and Lion Ministries
Founded by Dr David Reagan this website focuses on Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus Christ. It has great weekly videos, an excellent magazine and thoughtful articles. 

Olive Tree Ministries
Founded by Jan Markell - has great radio interviews and articles around current events and signs of the times in the Middle East and within the Church. 

News, politics, world events - especially as it relates to Israel. Not a Christian site but very interesting for current events in the Middle East!

The Daniel Project
A great DVD on Bible prophecy and the end times. An excellent resource for lending to both Christians and non-Christians.

Rapture Forums
Lots of good articles, forums and useful information concerning the rapture, Bible prophecy and the last days + many other topics!


Bible Study / College

Capernwray Bible Colleges
Bible Colleges around the world founded by Major Ian Thomas. Definitely Jesus centered!