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Series Name Type Study Audio Year Author Bible Themes
Nehemiah Book View   1998 -
I Gordon 16 NEH Spiritual Warfare, Deception, Discouragement, Enemies, Christian Life, Walls & Gates of Jerusalem
Ruth Book View View 2000 (S)
2011 (A)
I Gordon/
F Gordon
08 RTH Law & Grace, Cost of Discipleship, Obedience, Trials and Testings, Types of Christian Life and Christ
Exodus Book View   2002 -
I Gordon 02 EXO Discipleship, Trials, Warfare, Faith, Obedience, Blood of Passover Lamb, Red Sea Baptism, Fleshly nature / self life in Amalek
Daniel Book View   2008 -
I Gordon 27 DAN Prophecy, Vision of End Times, Antichrist, Gentiles Nations, Jesus' Second Coming, Trials, Christian Life
Judges Book View View 2001 (S)
2015 (A)
I Gordon/
F Gordon
07 JUD Spiritual Warfare & Inheritance, Cycle of Sin, Worldly Compromise, Gideons strength, Samsons weakness
Elijah Character View View 2012 -
F Gordon 11 1KI Trials, Gods Provision, Spiritual Warfare, True Good, False gods, Despair & Discouragement, Rapture
Jesus in the life of... Theme /
View   2000 -
I Gordon 39A VAR Old Testament Types of Jesus in different characters, Pictures and Prophecies, Salvation, Jesus, Plan of God
The Tabernacle Theme View   2010 I Gordon 02B EXO Jesus, Sacrifice, Way of Salvation, Presence of God, Plan of the Ages, Types of Christ
Feasts of the Lord Theme View   2015 I Gordon 03 LEV  The 7 key events in human history, Plan of God for the Ages, Bible Prophecy, Lamb of God, Resurrection, Rapture, 2nd Coming, Kingdom
Ezekiel, Israel and End Times Theme View   2017 I Gordon 26 EZE God making His name known to Israel and the nations in the last days
Resurrection unto eternal life Theme View   2015 -
A Gibson 40A VAR 7 part series on the resurrection in scripture including the hope expressed in Job, Ezekiek, Daniel, the Gospels, 1 Corinthians and Revelation.
Wilderness Wanderings Theme View View 2013 -
F Gordon 04 NUM Red Sea Separation, Types of Christian Life, Faith & Trials, Spiritual Warfare, Unbelief of Tribes, Moses and the Rock
Elisha Character View View 2008 -
I Gordon 12 2KI Miracles, Dedication, Trials and Testings, Resurrection, Spiritual Sight
Genesis Book View   2008 I Gordon 01 GEN Creation, Deception, Satan, Enemy, Fall of Man, Prophecy of Redeemer, Salvation, Days of Noah
Isaiah Book View View 2011 -
I Gordon 23 ISA Salvation, Suffering Servant, Amazing Prophecies of Jesus, End Times
Messianic Kingdom Theme View View 2012 I Gordon 23B ISA End Times, Coming King of Kings, Glorious Reign, Jerusalem, Bible Prophecy, Millennium
Job Book View   2013 I Gordon 18 JOB Suffering, Refining, Knowing God, Sovereignty of God, Satan
Romans Book View View 2017 -
F Gordon 45 ROM Gospel, wrath of God, grace of God, righteousness, justification, sanctification
Colossians Book View View 2013 -
I Gordon 51 COL Christ in you, Position in Christ, Mystery of Christ, Christ our Creator, Gnosticism, Coming Revelation in Glory, Prayer and Witnessing
Esther Book View   2011 -
I Gordon 17 EST Flesh & Spirit, Obedience, New Creation, Dedication, Death to Self, Two Spiritual Laws
Joel Book View   2014 I Gordon 29 JOE Day of the Lord, Locust Judgement, Return of Jesus, Judgment of Nations, Coming Kingdom
Habakkuk Book View   2013 I Gordon 35 HAB Sovereignty of God, Gods use of wicked nations, Return of Jesus, Hope in trials, Sun of Righteousness, Just will Live by Faith
Jonah Book View   2015 I Gordon 32 JON Obedience, ISIS, Type of Christ, Type of Israel
Kings of Israel Theme View   2003 I Gordon 11 1KI Wickedness, Revival, Godliness
2nd Peter Book View View 2005 -
I Gordon 61 2PE True Faith, Deception and False Teachers, Second Coming of Jesus, Day of the Lord
Pleasing God Theme View   2001 I Gordon 50 PHI Pleasing and Displeasing God, Faith, Works, Working out your Salvation
Riches of Grace Theme View   2001 -
I Gordon 49 EPH Grace, Position in Christ, Love of God, Eternal Security, Othniel Slavery to Sonship
Knowledge of the Holy Theme View   2017 I Gordon 66 VAR The nature and character of God - Encounters with God and the compound names of God
Bible Prophecy Theme View   2001 -
I Gordon 66 VAR End Times, Return of Jesus, Jewish Wedding Model, Rapture, Signs of Times, Judgement Seat, Kingdom
Great Questions in the Bible Theme View   2014 I Gordon 66 VAR Various topics. Great questions posed by God, Jesus and other characters in the Bible to get you to think!
Messianic Psalms Theme View View 2014 -
I Gordon 19 PSA Prophecies of Jesus, Great Shepherd, Crucifixion, King David etc in the Psalms
Joshua Book View View 2014 F Gordon 06 JOS Promises of God, Walking in Faith, Spiritual Inheritance, Spiritual Warfare, Deception, Enemies of God
James Book   View 2011 F Gordon 59 JAM Practical Christianity, Use of the Tongue, Abraham Justified by Works, Worldliness, Love of Money, Wisdom from Above
Jesus Encounters Character View   2015 I Gordon 40A GOS The grace, compassion and miracles of Jesus in changing the lives of those in need
Hebrews 11 - Heroes of the Faith Character View View 2016 I Gordon 58 HEB Studies on faith and the real heroes according to God's true judgement. Most studies take us back to Genesis and have prophetic insights as well.
Parables of Jesus Theme   View 2006 F Gordon 40B GOS Evangelism, Bridegroom and Bride, Wedding, Sower, Talents, Rich Fool, Treasure, Good Samaritan, Two Builders
Miracles of Jesus Theme   View 2007 F Gordon 40C GOS Healing, Overcoming difficulties, Calming Storms, Feeding 5000
Week of the Cross Theme   View 2006 -
A Kirkby 40D GOS Trials of Jesus, Last words of Jesus, Crucifixion, Emply Tomb, Resurrection
I AM's of Jesus Theme View View 2017 -
I Gordon 44 JOH Jesus is the I AM, Yahwah, God. See what that means for you!
Romans Book     2019 F Gordon 46 ROM The gospel and the Christian life. Justification by faith, How to live the Christian life
Running the race in the last days Theme View View 2019 I Gordon 66 VAR What it takes to run this Christian race till the end in the last days
Beginning & the end - Genesis and Revelation Theme     2020 I Gordon 01 GEN How the big picture themes of the first book, Genesis, find their fulfillment in the last book, Revelation

JPN Study and Audios Favourite List

Trying to pick the favourite studies and audios is a bit like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. Well, that's a bit OTT. Ok it's like choosing whether an apple, a banana or a plum will be liked best by someone else. In other words, it's easy... everyone knows it will be the apple! Well... it's not that easy for the studies are on different topics and what's 'best' is what you need to hear at the time. That said, here are a few that seem quite popular. Some new, some old and different topics/series explored.

Study / Audio Name Study Audio Year Author Series Overview
The Gates of Spiritual Progression View 1998 -
I Gordon Nehemiah The gates of Jerusalem speak, as a type, of different progressive experiences that occur in the Christian life. How far have you got?
Gideon and the Power of Weakness View P1
View P2
  2002 I Gordon Judges God loves to do the Gideon! That is, He loves to take weak fearful people and use them for His glory! He is the treasure that we have in earthen vessels.
Israel's bondage and the workings of an Invisible God View   2002 I Gordon Exodus Look at how God uses difficulties, trials and even the work of the enemy to work all things out for our eternal good.
Never forget to remember Amalek! View Listen 2013 F Gordon Wilderness
You have an enemy that is with you 24-7. It's called the flesh and this is dramatically typified in Amalekites in the Old Testament. Look at how victory was achieved then and now.
The cutting away at Cherith View Listen 2012 F Gordon Elijah Have you experienced a time when everything was stripped away? If so, welcome to Cherith - a place of difficulty, but also of miraculous provision!
The Divine Treasure Hunt View Listen 2013 I Gordon Colossians Do you know that God likes to hide His precious things? Do you know where to look for them? Do you desire to look? What gems might you find?
He makes a way View   2011 I Gordon Isaiah God's way is often through the sea. Not round, not over, not under, but through. Yet He makes a way through the impossible!
Onesimus and You - From Slavery to Sonship View   2003 I Gordon Grace Do you know the story of Onesimus? Do you know it parallels your life spiritually speaking? Examine the grace given in moving from a slave to a son.
Wisdom & Folly View P1
View P2
  2007 I Gordon Prophecy We live in the age where wisdom is being drowned out and bold brash folly is to the fore. What happens to a culture that calls black white and white black?
The pursuit of spiritual lameness View Listen 2012 I Gordon Isaiah Are you pursuing spiritual lameness? If not, why not? This study looks at those with whom God dwells and draws inspiration from the timely tale of Mephibosheth.
A tale of two vessels View Listen 2008 I Gordon Elisha Are you a vessel for God's use? Do you have what it takes? Here is two tales from the life of Elisha that show the importance of God's life within the believer.
The Rapture of Elijah View Listen 2013 F Gordon Elijah Where did Elijah go before being raptured into Heaven? Where the locations significant for us today?
Jesus in the life of Joseph View   2001 I Gordon Jesus in the
life of...
The life of Joseph, from his rejection by his brothers to his exaltation to the right hand of Pharaoh is a wonderful type of Jesus Christ.
The Passover - God's emphasis concerning the cross View   2003 I Gordon Exodus The Passover is a wonderful type of the sacrifice made at the cross. But what does God emphasise during the Passover? What would He have us to know?
Those concealed shall soon be revealed View Listen 2013 I Gordon Colossians Two of the greatest 'revealings' are still to come. One is the Lord Jesus. The other is the believer.
This I know that God is for me View   2005 I Gordon David When you are brought to your lowest, this one thought will hold you still - "This I know, that God is for me". Explore this in the life of King David.
The God of Prophecy View   2001 I Gordon Prophecy How do you know that the Bible is true? How do you know that the God of the Bible is the true God? Explore 10 prophecies concerning the Messiah, the nation of Israel and the signs of the end times that answer these questions.