Readers Question / Comment - Are there prophecies in the O.T concerning the resurrection of the Messiah?


I have a Jewish friend who is conservative who for a very short time was a Christian when he was younger. His wife said it did not work for him. That he became a labovitch for a few years. Please forgive my spelling. He now attends a synagogue. I have shared The Gospel with him. David's question is where is the Old Testament does It talk about Messiah being resurrected? Thanks

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good on you for sharing with him. The main passages are Psalm 16:10 and Isaiah 53:10. Psalm 16:10 is quoted a couple of times in the book of Acts concerning Jesus - Acts 2:27-31, 13:35-38.


Isaiah 53:10 implies the resurrection and that would be a good place to take a Jewish person because of the wonderful and clear prophecies in the whole chapter. I have a study on verse 10 here if you need to read more:

Isaiah 53 is great because it has the rejection, trial, death, burial and implied resurrection of the Messiah by the fact that if He offers Himself as a sacrifice (and is cut off from the land of the living) then His days are prolonged! A strange mystery indeed explained only in the resurrection!

Also have a look here:

Also this written by the Jewish believer, Arnold Fruchtembaum. Pages 28-29 have some types and a few extra prophecies:

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