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Audio Podcast - The Book of Jude, The Acts of the Apostates (F Gordon)

Jude is a short yet action packed letter exhorting believers to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. 

  • Jude 1-3: The Call to Contend (audio) - published in Audio

    Jude 1-3 In Jude’s day apostates were distorting the truth. This letter is a call to arms, to contend for the faith, both then and now.

  • Jude v3-4: Beware the Creepers! (audio) - published in Audio

    Jude warned of certain people creeping into the church unnoticed. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing; ungodly, abusing grace, and denying Jesus Christ. Just like the early church we are called to contend and watch.

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