Study Series Recommendations

What are some recommended series to read?

Hi! If you are new to this site you may be asking 'what shall I look at first?'
Here are seven recommended study series from the site which may help in your choice.

Nehemiah Bible Study Series

Themes: Spiritual Warfare, Christian life, Foundations for spiritual growth.

I have placed this first because it is listed (because of it's date) last on the list of studies. But also because my brother recently told me that he thinks this is the best study I have ever done. Being the first one I wrote, that may be another way of saying 'you started ok but its been all down hill ever since!' : )

This study is not like other studies around on the book of Nehemiah. It came out of a very trying year for me personally and is about the Christian's warfare against the three enemies - Satan, the World and the Flesh. The book of Nehemiah is incredibly relevant for the Christian's life today and is recommended for believers of all ages, for we are all in the battle.

While first written in the late 1990's it has been updated, given a makeover and some love, in May 2023. And the entire series is now available on one page with a pdf download if needed : )

The Beginning & the End: Genesis & Revelation

Themes: Eternal plan of God, Sovereignty of God, Bible prophecy, Future hope, Judgment and Glory.

This is a recent series, possibly proving it hasn't ALL been down hill since Nehemiah... Maybe! It is a 'Big Picture' series looking at themes from the foundation of the world (and before) and how they find fulfillment in Revelation and the end of the age.

Do you understand the plan of God? It is worth checking out as we live in an incredible age that will see many of these themes fulfilled!

Book of Ruth Bible Study Series

Themes: Salvation. Counting the cost, Law & Grace. Redemption, Christian growth. Types of Christ & Christian life

Awww, Ruth. The book of Ruth is awesome! One of my favourites. Four short chapters contain a beautiful story that contains wonderful types and pictures for the Christian life. I wrote the initial Ruth series a long time ago but it has been updated. It is the type of book that you can read over and over and continue to get new insights into the ways of God and the work of the Lord Jesus.

This study series concentrates on the Christian life, as seen through the types and characters in this awesome book.

Jesus in the Feasts of the Lord Study Series

Themes: Jesus, Holy Spirit, Prophecy & Things to come, Eternal plan of God

I really enjoyed writing these studies because the seven appointed feasts of the Lord are often overlooked by believers (I had!) But they shouldn't be because they are packed with incredible truth and revelation. The nation of Israel had to keep them each and every year. Why? Because they are a rehersal, a prophetic pointer that outlines the key dates and themes in world history. These include the day of Jesus' death and resurrection, the coming of the Holy Spirit and three key events in the coming days at the end of this age.

There is a lot more in these feasts than you may know!

Jesus Our Great I AM Study Series

Themes: Jesus, I AM, Character of God, Sustainer, Living Indwelling Lord

Who is Jesus Christ? Who is He for you? Is He essential for the spiritual and physical life of all mankind? I enjoyed studying this again through exploring Jesus' own statements concerning Himself. Through the I AM statements, Jesus claimed to be more than a great teacher. More than a wise prophet. He claimed to be Yahweh... God! He claims to be your very life!

Explore the meaning of each 'I AM' statement from the gospel of John, Revelation and even a prophetic 'I AM' from the Psalms.

Book of Daniel Study Series

Themes: Prophecy, End times, Biblical proof, Persecution, Life in Babylon, Godliness under trials

I have always loved the book of Daniel so I hope this comes through in this study. It's a fantastic book and incredibly relevant for the troubled days in which we live. Daniel knew what it was like to live is a world that was opposed to the ways of God. He knew what is was like to face persecution and have to make hard, costly decisions in following his God.

And then there is all the prophetic revelation! So specific and so relevant for today's world.

Book of Esther Bible Study Series

Themes: Flesh and Spirit, Spiritual Growth, Types & Pictures

Like the book of Ruth, Esther contains so much truth below the surface, just waiting to be discovered! Who would have thought that the Christian life, flesh and spirit, is so clearly seen through the key characters in this book?

This study series concentrates on the Christian life, as seen through the types and characters in the book of Esther.