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Study - 'But God' Bible Verse Series

A 'but God' moment is a time when God steps in and intervenes on our behalf. And if He didn't... well, let's just say that things probably wouldn't end well! This short series will explore this important phrase through the Bible characters who needed a 'but God' moment!

  • 'But God' Bible Verses - But God in the storms of life - published in Study

    Sometimes there is no way out... but God! The first in this series explores the first mention of a 'but God' moment in the Bible and how it relates to the storms in our lives today.

  • But God Bible Verses - But God Remembered Noah - published in Study

    Noah and family went through the world's worst storm and were adrift for approximately one year. But God remembered Noah! And that made all the difference. This study explores the remembrance of God in the Bible and in our own lives.

  • But God Bible Verses - Truth that changed Joseph's life - published in Study

    Hatred, bitterness and rejection. Joseph experienced it all in an incredible life. Such tremendous lows followed by amazing highs. 'But God' made the difference and still does today! Explore three 'but God' examples that changed his life.

  • But God - David and the unseen hand of God - published in Study

    David was on the run from king Saul - But God was with him and kept him! This message in the 'But God' series explores the unseen protective hand of God.

  • 'But God' - From Paul's spiritual birth to physical death - published in Study

    The Apostle Paul went from being the Church's greatest human threat to their greatest asset. How? 'But God'. This study explores the 'But God' in his life and writings, from spiritual birth to physical death and shows the necessity of God's place in our life.

  • But God - As we step into eternity - published in Study

    At death, as the veil between this life and the next is removed, the final 'but God' occurs. This study explores this and the need to focus on eternity.

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