Can you save to PDF the studies for offline learning?

Question / Comment -  Can you save to PDF the studies for offline learning?


Wow, I have learnt much and enjoyed the ride with JPN/ My question is do you have PDF for learning when offline?


JPN Reply:


thanks for the question and glad you like the site/studies! 

Yes, you can save the studies to PDF if you are using a Windows based PC and/or have a PDF printer driver. A lot of the modern browsers have a PDF print option built into them as well. Do the following:


1. Each study has a print icon at the top of the study like following. Click this button:

2. Clicking on the button will give two options:

  • Print (with formatting) - this will render the study as you see it on the screen including any pictures and formatting.
  • Print (plain text) - this will just include the plain text. This can be useful if you are printing to a printer and want to have fewer pages.

3. You will see a print options window similar to the following (it will change on different browsers but the options will be similar). Look for the 'Destination' or 'Printer' option and chose Save as PDF or Microsoft Print to PDF or another PDF printer driver you have installed. You can of course choose a physical printer if you want a hard copy printed out, 

4. Click Save or Print and follow the options to save the PDF to your computer.

Hope this helps!