Why try to be good if our goodness isn't good enough?

Question / Comment - Why Should We Try To Be Good if our goodness isn't good enough?

I am a new comer in Christ and there is one thing I don't understand. Hope you can clarify the following:

1. Whatever good things we do in our lives, we cannot become good enough to enter heaven by ourselves (but by accepting Christ, we can become good enough).
2. Whatever bad things we do, we will be forgiven if we confess and accept Christ in our lives (example: Luke 23:42,43)

The question is:
What is the point in trying to be a good person? Why don't we just accept Christ and stop trying to be good? Thanks for the time you are taking to answer.
JPN Reply:

Hi, thanks for the question.

Firstly, I am glad to read you are a new Christian. You have made the most important decision a person can ever make! As to your question... it is true that none of our good works can in the least bit add anything to our salvation. (Eph 2.8, Rom 3:) It is also true that now that you have become a Christian, the same Bible encourages you to engage in good works. Have a read of the book of Titus and notice how many times the term 'good works' or 'good deeds' are used. Paul encourages these believers to be 'zealous' for good works!

Obviously, now that you are a Christian, you are the salt and light of the world as Jesus said. That is, you are a living testimony to the fact that Jesus is raised from the dead and is alive in you! So yes, it is important to live your life in a way that shines as greatly as possible the fact that Jesus is alive and has changed your life. For some people, who don't ever get to read about Jesus, the only testimony that they may ever see if how He has affected your life! So yes, being a 'good' person is important as it benefits others around you and testifies to the goodness of God.

Now having shown that it is important to life a holy life and shine for the Lord, you also need to know about the one who lives within you. You see, when you became a Christian, you were given the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit cannot be anything BUT good! Being God, that is His very nature! Now that is fantastic news because it makes Christianity more that just a 'religion' where the followers have to try in their own strength to 'be good'! What it means is that the real goal for the Christian is to be open and available to the Lord, and to walk in close fellowship with Him. Keep thanking Him for what He has done and who He is. Keep asking Him to teach you and be open to obey in faith, what He shows you.

Believe me, that as you do this, the question of 'do I have to try to be good', doesn't become very relevant anymore. You see, you will be giving the Holy Spirit access to your life... to live through you... and He cannot be anything BUT good! Your life will change, and people will see the change. But the source of that change will be God! And the glory will go to the one who alone deserves the glory... GOD!

Hope this helps,

All the best

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